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S. Koreans Protest Japan's Plan to Celebrate Anniversary of SDF
Pyongyang, July 13 (KCNA) -- The south Korean public denounced Japan for planning to celebrate the day of founding the "Self-Defence Forces" in Seoul, according to the south Korean internet paper Thongil News.

Some time ago the Japanese embassy in Seoul worked out a plan to celebrate in a big scale the 60th anniversary of the SDFin Seoul.

This triggered off a strong rebuff of the Headquarters of the All-People Movement for Rejecting and Checking Japan's Exercise of Right to Collective Self-Defence, an alliance of at least 120 south Korean organizations including the Council for the Peaceful Unification of Tangun's Nation, on July 10.

The organization accused Japan of posing a reckless challenge to legalize the execution of war, contrary to the purport of the Pacifist Constitution.

Japan has planned to mark the anniversary of SDF in the downtown Seoul while seeking to grab Tok Islets, part of the inviolable territory of Korea, far from making heartfelt repentance and apology for the past crimes. The organization termed this a revelation of the intention of reinvasion of Korea.

The organization clarified the will to take actions to check the ceremony.

The People for Achieving Peace and Reunification also charged that to celebrate the anniversary of SDF is little short of negating the past crimes and adding insult and injury to the Korean nation.

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