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Korean Film Shows Held in Foreign Countries
Pyongyang, July 13 (KCNA) -- Korean film shows took place in Angola, Nigeria and Thailand on July 7 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of demise of President Kim Il Sung.

Shown there were Korean films including "The Tower of the Juche Idea" and "The Arch of Triumph".

The chairman of the Committee of Angola for Friendship and Solidarity with Peoples said:

President Kim Il Sung was the father of the Korean nation who devoted his whole life to the country and its people.

He victoriously led the Fatherland Liberation War, always sharing joy and sorrow with the people during the hard-fought war days.

There was no such a great leader of the people as the President.

Kim Il Sung was the talented strategist and great leader who was possessed of distinguished leadership ability recognized by the world.

His exploits for the era and humankind will be immortal.

The vice director of the general hospital in Zamfara State of Nigeria and other personages highly praised the undying exploits of the President who turned the DPRK into a country centered on the popular masses and a powerful socialist country, independent in politics, self-supporting in economy and self-reliant in national defence, paying the profound tribute to him.

The director of the Civilize Import-Export Company of Thailand said that Kim Il Sung always found himself among the people in his life.

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