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Revolutionary Exploits of Kim Il Sung Praised by Organization of DR Congo
Pyongyang, July 9 (KCNA) -- The DR Congolese Committee for Remembering President Kim Il Sung issued its bulletin titled "July 8, 2014, the 20th anniversary of demise of President Kim Il Sung, the great leader of the DPRK" on July 1.

The bulletin introduced the immortal revolutionary exploits performed by the President under the sub-titles of "Eternal sun of Juche", "Founder of Songun idea" and "Believing in people as in Heaven".

It said that the twenty years have passed since he passed away and progressive humankind looked back with deep emotion upon the great feats he performed for the accomplishment of the cause of global independence.

It went on:

The President founded the immortal Juche idea and thus provided the guiding idea of the cause of independence.

The Juche idea ushered in the era of independence, the new era of history, in which the popular masses, who had only been subject to history regarding the life of slave as their inevitable fate in the past, are carving out the era and the path of the revolution independently and creatively as the master of their own destiny.

The bulletin praised the President for building the army, liberating the country and winning the victory in the Fatherland Liberation War, saying that he pioneered the cause of independence with his unique Songun revolutionary leadership and guided it to victory.

It stressed that the President regarded it as his maxim to believe in the people as in Heaven and solved all matters arising in the revolution and construction by relying on the popular masses. There is prospering DPRK today as it was led by him who gave ceaseless field guidance to meet the people even in the last period of his life, it added.

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