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Kim Il Sung Is Revered by World Progressives
Pyongyang, July 8 (KCNA) -- Two decades have passed since President Kim Il Sung passed away.

Since the very day when the sad news came like a bolt from the blue, Kim Il Sung, prominent great man, has been boundlessly revered by the world progressives decades after decades.

In July 20 years ago the world people deeply mourned his demise together with the Korean people.

More than 230 heads of state and government and political party leaders, thousands of delegations and organizations and personages of different social standings of many countries paid condolatory visits to the DPRK missions.

Governments, political parties, organizations and figures of 160 odd countries and international and regional bodies sent at least 3 300 wreaths and 3 480 messages of condolences to the bier of the President, his statue on Mansu Hill and DPRK missions.

Memorial services were solemnly held in more than 160 countries for 10-odd days of mourning.

World progressives' yearning for the peerless great man grew as the days went by.

The International Kim Il Sung Foundation was established in Pyongyang in October, 2007 amid great concern of the Korean people and other progressives of the world.

An economic college in Havana, Cuba was named after Kim Il Sung, a street in Cambodia became Generalissimo Kim Il Sung Street and another street in Syria Kim Il Sung Street.

A reading-room of Comrade Kim Il Sung was arranged in Yuwen Middle School in Jilin of China and Kim Il Sung Library was created in Bulgaria.

The All-Russian Society for the Study and Dissemination of Kimilsungism, the then Mexican Committee for the Study of Kimilsungism and other organizations for the study of the Juche idea and the Songun idea named after Kim Il Sung were formed in a broad scale.

Chinese friends saw to it that a wax replica of the President who is immortal in the hearts of progressive mankind was placed with courtesy at the International Friendship Exhibition House.

The then Mexican Friend Union for Honoring the Memory of President Kim Il Sung created badges remembering him and awarded them to its members.

Different countries and regions of the world awarded high titles to the President in praise of his immortal exploits.

Kimilsungia exhibitions have been grandly held every year and the immortal flower Kimilsungia was awarded special prizes and top prizes in the world flower festivals one after another.

At least 60 remembrance committees were formed this year alone. More than 1 000 remembrance committees were formed in different parts of the five continents for the past two decades.

About 20 000 events such as remembrance meetings, round-table talks, lectures, photo and book exhibitions, film shows for praising the revolutionary career and exploits of the great man were held in at least 170 countries and regions under the sponsorship of the remembrance committees.

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