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Undying Feats Performed by Kim Il Sung for National Reunification
Pyongyang, July 7 (KCNA) -- Today marks the 20th anniversary of President Kim Il Sung's last signature on a historic document concerning national reunification.

Leader Kim Jong Il in his lifetime took a measure to erect a granite monument inscribed with the signature of the President at Panmunjom, so as to hand down Kim Il Sung's feats for national reunification to posterity.

Inscribed on the monument is Kim Il Sung's autograph "Kim Il Sung July 7, 1994", which shows his noble life dedicated to the cause of national reunification.

In his lifetime, the President set forth the Three Principles of National Reunification, the Proposal for Founding the Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo and the10-point Programme of the Great Unity of the Whole Nation to indicate the ways for achieving the national reunification.

He advanced reasonable lines and policies for national reunification to meet the requirements of the times and the interests of the nation, thus making a turning-point in achieving national reunification.

When south Korea was heavily hit by flood, he took measures to send emergency relief goods to hundreds of thousands of victims in south Korea.

With a firm determination to hand the reunified country down to the coming generations, he dedicated himself to the cause of national reunification even during the last moments of his life. He gave tens of instructions for national reunification in the period from June 20 to July 5, Juche 83 (1994).

In the evening of July 7, a day before his demise, he made a sign in the historic document.

Now the historic cause of national reunification has been successfully carried into practice by Marshal Kim Jong Un.

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