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DPRK's Measures to Defend Sovereignty and Dignity of Nation Supported by Guinean Figure
Pyongyang, July 6 (KCNA) -- Banou Keita, chairman of the Guinea-Korea Friendship Association, in a statement on June 25 expressed support for the measures taken by the DPRK to defend the sovereignty and dignity of the nation.

The statement said:

Though more than six decades have passed since the Korean war ceased, the U.S. imperialists still keep their forces in south Korea and commit all kinds of crimes there, defying the demand of the Korean people and other progressives of the world.

The touch-and-go situation is prevailing on the Korean peninsula owing to the ever-more escalating moves of the U.S. imperialists for aggression.

Finding fault with the DPRK for no justifiable reason over its satellite launch for peaceful purposes, the U.S. is escalating the vicious cycle of tension and continuing to stage large-scale joint military drills together with the south Korean puppet forces.

The statement expressed the will to actively support the measures taken by the DPRK to protect the sovereignty and dignity of the nation and the supreme interests of the country, and conduct colorful events for solidarity in the month of international solidarity with the Korean people.

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