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Kim Il Sung's Feats for National Reunification Lauded by Nigerian Organization
Pyongyang, July 6 (KCNA) -- The Nigerian National Committee for the Study of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism posted an article on its website on June 27 on the occasions of the 20th anniversary of the last autograph left by President Kim Il Sung on the historic document related to the reunification of Korea and the 42nd anniversary of the publication of the July 4 joint statement.

In an article titled "Kim Il Sung, for reunified Korea" the website said that the President always placed the great national unity before anything else for the reunification of the country and made sure that everything was subordinated to it.

He set forth the three principles of national reunification--independence, peaceful reunification and great national unity--the keynote of the July 4 joint statement, it noted.

"10-Point Programme of the Great Unity of the Whole Nation for the Reunification of the Country" advanced by the President is the great programme of the Korean people and is called the three charters for national reunification together with the three principles of national reunification and the proposal for founding the Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo, it said.

It noted that he left his autograph "Kim Il Sung July 7, 1994" on the document related to national reunification in the last period of his life.

The autograph was engraved on the granite monument at Panmunjom close to the Military Demarcation Line bisecting the Korean peninsula into the north and the south, conveying long the undying feats performed by the President who dedicated himself to the reunification of Korea, it said.

It also said that he put forward the proposal for founding the Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo at the Sixth Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea 30 odd years ago.

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