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Romanian Political Party Leader Supports Korean People's Struggle
Pyongyang, July 1 (KCNA) -- I am convinced that the heroic Korean people will always win victory in the standoff with U.S. imperialism.

Vasile Orleanu, chairman of the Supreme Council of the Socialist Party of Romania, said this in a statement posted on its website "Juche Idea" on June 24.

Noting that on June 25, 1950, the U.S. ignited a war against the young DPRK, the statement went on:

At that time the U.S. mobilized armed forces of south Korea and its satellite states and made desperate efforts to stifle the DPRK in its cradle. But it could not match the outstanding war methods, military strategy and tactics of President Kim Il Sung and the indomitable strength of the Korean people united close around the leader.

The Korean people won the great victory in the three year-long bloody war and July 27 was recorded in the history of the DPRK as the day of war victory when it defeated the U.S.

Though six decades have passed since the ceasefire, peace does not settled on the Korean peninsula and the situation there is so tense that a war may break out any time due to the repeated moves of the U.S. and its followers to unleash a new war.

The U.S. is continuing to ship huge nuclear war equipment into the vicinities of the Korean peninsula.

This goes to clearly prove that it is none other than the U.S. and the south Korean authorities following it who are disturbing peace on the peninsula.

The Supreme Council of the Socialist Party of Romania bitterly denounces the moves of the U.S. and south Korean authorities to unleash a new war and strongly demand the U.S. immediately withdraw all its armed forces for aggression from south Korea.

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