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Park Geun Hye's Personal Affairs Policy Censured
Pyongyang, June 29 (KCNA) -- South Korean papers in editorials on June 26 protested against the Park Geun Hye group's decision on allowing Jong Hong Won to stay in office as "prime minister" that day.

The internet paper Minjok Ilbo in an editorial titled "Unending Park regime's disastrous personal affairs" expressed disappointment at Park who, failing to find a candidate, let Jong stay in office.

The present regime is a "disastrous government" which caused a disaster in the field of public service through privatization policy, a human rights disaster through the cooking up of spy cases, a disaster of people's livelihood by reneging on its commitment to ensure people's welfare, disastrous north-south relations by pursuing confrontation policy and the Sewol sinking disaster by burying young students at the sea, the editorial said.

One of basic reasons of those disasters is Park's incompetence, it said, stressing that now it has become clear why the present regime should step down at an early date.

Kyunghyang Daily News in an editorial held it is an unprecedented decision to let the guy stay in office though he resigned from office holding the responsibility for the ferry Sewol disaster.

Park is to blame for the personnel affairs failure that followed wrong personnel measure and verification but she let Jong stay in office by blaming the confirmation hearing and the public, it said.

Munhwa Ilbo in an editorial termed the decision a challenge of Park as her personnel measures were not put into practice.

It accused Park of not finding the basic cause of her failure of personal affairs in herself but blaming media and people.

An editorial of Hanguk Ilbo termed the step an arrogance of Park who turned her face away from the opinion of the people.

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