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Secret Power Body behind S. Korean Chief Executive
Pyongyang, June 27 (KCNA) -- The south Korean internet newspaper Voice of People on June 26 in an editorial disclosed the true colors of the secret organization exercising real power behind the south Korean chief executive.

South Korean people considered the "Seven-men Society" including Kim Ki Chun, presidential chief of staff of Chongwadae, as a secret organization exercising real power behind the chief executive after Park Geun Hye took office.

But Pak Kwan Yong, former speaker of the puppet National Assembly, asserted at the press conference on June 25 that there were guys putting their heads together with the "president" in private except the "society".

On the same day a lawmaker talked about the secret organization called "Manmanhoe," adding that it includes Park Ji Man, brother of Park Geun Hye, Ri Jae Man, chief secretary of the Government Administration of Chongwadae, and Jong Yun Hoe who was an assistant to Park Chung-Hee and all of them are exercising real power.

The editorial said that the peoples' suspicion about unknown power began to become clear and the rumor that there is a power struggle between Kim Ki Chun and the above-said organization floating in the political camp in private was opened to public at last.

The true colors of such secret organization are bound to be revealed through the secret strife within heavyweights in power, it said and went on:

Signs of an impending downfall of power have already been brought to light though the present chief executive has some years before the end of the tenure of her office.

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