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CPRK Secretariat Exposes Crimes of Presidential Chief of Staff of Chongwadae
Pyongyang, June 27 (KCNA) -- The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) released information bulletin No. 1068 on Thursday exposing the crimes of Kim Ki Chun, presidential chief of staff of Chongwadae in south Korea.

According to the information bulletin, Kim is the closest confidant of the "yusin" dictator who directly participated in working out the "yusin constitution" while acting as security prosecutor and anti-communist investigation department director of the Central Intelligence Agency during the Park Chung-Hee regime and a heinous fascist who took the lead in brutally cracking down on the reunification movement of people of all social standings in south Korea for democratization against fascism by faking up all kinds of spying cases including the spying case of Koreans in Japan.

After being appointed to the post of the presidential chief of staff of Chongwadae in August last year by Park Geun Hye, Kim persisted in the moves to revive the "yusin" dictatorship and escalate confrontation with the fellow countrymen while styling himself a real king of Chongwadae so much as to be called "vice-president" and "Regent Taewongun Ki Chun". He held even the post of the chairman of the personal affairs committee of Chongwadae and let those who curried favor with him hold the important posts of Chongwadae and the Administration.

It is none other than Kim Ki Chun who made sure that Mun Chang Guk, a heinous pro-Japanese traitor, was designated as puppet prime minister.

Kim engineered the operation for the nomination of Mun who worked as director of the "Park Chung-Hee Memorial Foundation" when he was active as its director general, and patronized Mun to the last despite public opposition.

It is also none other than Kim who had his clans hold the posts of the chief prosecutor and the director of the Board of Audit and Inspection at the time of personnel changes last year, sparking a big furor.

Kim is a heinous anti-reunification confrontation maniac who openly called for "unification of social systems" while malignantly slandering the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration and labeling the north-south cooperation undertakings as "drain on resources"

The inter-Korean relations are being driven into a serious catastrophe and the situation is being extremely aggravated because such villains as Kim are commanding all the conspiratorial rackets of the anti-reunification ultra-right conservative forces for escalating confrontation with the DPRK while having the final say on "the policy toward the north" at the important posts of Chongwadae.

If such a guy is allowed to stay in power, the south Korean people can not avoid disaster and the inter-Korean relations will go bankrupt.

Opposition parties and people from all walks of life in south Korea are strongly demanding the resignation of Kim, and media and experts on the situation are warning that if Park Geun Hye continues to take him under her wing, it will cause bigger misfortune.

Park should lend an ear to public mindset and voices and understand that it is the way of tiding over the worst crisis, a way beneficial to her.

If not, Chongwadae will face greater people's resentment and the most disgraceful ruin, the information bulletin warned.

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