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U.S. Imperialists Censured for Igniting Korean War
Tokyo, June 25 (KNS-KCNA) -- Officials of organizations of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) made public statements 64 years since the U.S. imperialists ignited the Korean war.

Ri Tong Je, chairman of the Association of Koreans in Japan for Peaceful Reunification, said the U.S. shipped huge weapons for aggression into south Korea after Korea's liberation and prodded Syngman Rhee into igniting the war.

Kim Yong Ju, chairman of the Central Standing Committee of the Korean Youth League in Japan, noted the U.S. has not yet abandoned its foolish ambition to swallow up the whole Korean peninsula but is staging ceaseless joint military exercises against the DPRK to spark off bigger resentment of the Korean youth and students in Japan.

Kang Chu Ryon, chairwoman of the Central Standing Committee of the Korean Democratic Women's Union in Japan, expressed the will to arouse all Korean women in Japan to the movement for national reunification, saying that the Korean women in Japan will disclose the crimes of the U.S. imperialists and thoroughly reject the crimes of the south Korean puppet forces against the nation and reunification.

Kim Hwa Hyo, chairperson of the Korean Social Scientists Association in Japan, said it is due to the U.S. that Korea has not yet been reunified, military tensions and threat of a nuclear war are constantly remaining on the Korean peninsula and the inter-Korean relations are being driven into the worst catastrophic phase.

Pak Tong Ho, chairman of the Central Standing Committee of the Union of Korean Students in Japan, expressed the will to wage a positive struggle to fully support the south Korean youth and students in their struggle to shatter the war moves of the U.S. and the puppet forces and achieve the independent reunification of the country.

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