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Russian Central Military Orchestra Gives Its Premiere
Pyongyang, June 26 (KCNA) -- The visiting central military orchestra of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation gave its premiere at the East Pyongyang Grand Theatre on Thursday.

Lieut. General Ryom Chol Song, Col. General Kim Hyong Ryong, Han Chol, vice-minister of Culture, and service personnel of the Korean People's Army enjoyed the performance.

Among the audience were Russian Ambassador to the DPRK Alexandr Timonin and staff members of his embassy, foreign diplomatic envoys and military attaches, and their spouses.

Put on the stage were works showing the appearance of the national art of Russia and the life and custom of the Russian people.

Female solo "Blue Handkerchief" and "Katyusha" depicting optimistic life and noble spiritual world of the soldiers of the Red Army and patriotic people who defeated the fascist aggressors and defended their motherland were acclaimed by the audience for their individual enthusiastic representation.

Conspicuous are saxophone solo "Chardash", trombone solo "Black Eyeball" and male solo "Long Way".

In Korean songs "Song of Comradeship" and "Attraction and Reverence" the performers sang high praises of the boundless reverence for President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il.

Wind instrument music "Friendship Waltz" composed by Chief Conductor Valery Khalilov, head of the military-orchestra service of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, reached the climax of the performance to be acclaimed by the audience.

The performance goes on.

That evening the Ministry of People's Armed Forces hosted a banquet for the orchestra.

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