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KCNA Commentary on Total Failure of Park's Personnel Affair
Pyongyang, June 25 (KCNA) -- The Park Geun Hye regime's moves to reinforce its ruling mechanism are being criticized by the people as a total failure of personnel affair.

An Tae Hui whom the puppet group designated as a candidate to replace former "Prime Minister" Jong Hong Won, who fell victim to the ferry Sewol sinking disaster, was compelled to withdraw his candidacy just six days later without having a chance to stand before the "National Assembly" confirmation hearing due to the scandal in which he illegally accumulated 1.6 billion won. Mun Chang Guk who was designated to succeed him also dropped out.

This is a deserved punishment meted out by the times and the public mindset to the Cabinet reshuffle which Park Geun Hye staged, talking about "state reform" and "personnel reshuffle".

Through the recent Cabinet reshuffle Park sought to revive all the fascist ruling mechanisms including the puppet government, National Assembly and military and consolidate the fascist dictatorial ruling foundation with ultra-right confrontation elements.

Kim Kwan Jin, boss of military gangsters whom Park appointed to the post of the chief of the security office of Chongwadae, and Han Min Gu, puppet minister of National Defense, a belligerent element who inherited the blood of pro-Japanese lackey, are all ultra-right conservative figures, a clear indication of the reactionary nature of the "personnel reshuffle" of Chongwadae.

Park designated Mun Chang Guk as the candidate for "prime minister". This drove the political situation in south Korea into a bottomless abyss of ruin.

Mun described the Japanese imperialists' colonial rule and the national division as the "providence of God" and denied the June 15 joint declaration. He is a diehard confrontation fanatic who dared slander and hurt the dignity and the social system in the DPRK, crying out for the theory of south Korea's "nuclear weaponization" and "theory of overthrowing the social system in the north".

South Koreans from all walks of life labeled him "another Ri Wan Yong" and "worst traitor", saying that "Park who is unfit for president designated such a guy as prime minister". This is a harsh criticism of the Park Geun Hye regime.

This being a hard reality, Park Geun Hye blustered that "this can be understood from the Christian viewpoint" in a bid to press for the appointment of "prime minister". Emboldened by the connivance of Chongwadae, Mun Chang Guk behaved so arrogantly as to deceive the public by making apology and expressing regret over his reckless remarks.

However, history meted out a stern punishment to him.

As candidates for the puppet prime minister dropped out one by one, the Park Geun Hye regime came under public fire.

The south Koreans made the worst estimation of the Park's regime, terming the recent "personnel reshuffle" a "result of arrogance and self-complacency in defiance of the public mindset".

Traitor Park is fated to meet only grudge and punishment by the people as she shields the group of traitors who are all the same in their sycophantic and treacherous nature and anti-national and anti-reunification acts.

Under the present puppet regime keen on inter-Korean confrontation, the people will never pardon the confrontation maniacs who make desperate efforts to deprive them even of their right to existence through moves for a war against the north while imposing misfortune and disaster upon them.

Chongwadae should be mindful that today just a few puppet figures were punished by the nation but tomorrow its whole staff will be brought to a court.

The puppet forces resort to all sorts of vicious political hooliganism to tide over the worsening ruling crisis and stay in power but their political ruin is inevitable.

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