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University Student-Media Persons Denounce Authorities' Press Censorship in S. Korea
Pyongyang, June 25 (KCNA) -- The Forum of University Media Persons made up of student-media persons across south Korea held a press conference in Seoul and made public a declaration on the situation denouncing the authorities' press censorship on June 19.

The cause of the ferry Sewol sinking has not yet been disclosed though two months have passed since the disaster, the declaration said, and went on:

The authorities are gagging the people who raise reasonable suspicions and taking away reporters covering candlelight actions and suppressing media to stop people from getting access to truth.

Media are zealously sidestepping actions criticizing the "government" and taking issue with its rescue system and placing deeper trust in the announcement of the authorities than in the voices of the bereaved families and the truth behind the case and focusing efforts on patronizing the Park Geun Hye regime.

Consequently, media sank in the wake of the ferry Sewol. The Park Geun Hye regime's press censorship was behind the false reporting disaster.

Chongwadae issued an instruction to the media to refrain from criticizing the Maritime Police as regards the disaster and Park Geun Hye is letting conservative media persons hold important government posts.

The declaration demanded Park Geun Hye take responsibility for the disaster, stop control over media and withdraw at once the unreasonable disciplinary actions against conscientious media persons.

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