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Protest against Japan's Moves for Reinvasion Staged in S. Korea
Pyongyang, June 25 (KCNA) -- The Movement for Reunified Korean Nation in south Korea held a press conference outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul on June 24 at which it declared the one-million citizens action against Japan's distortion of history and rearmament.

At the press conference the organization accused Japan of trying to rewrite the Peace Constitution in the wake of denying the Kono statement.

Japan's moves to promote and allow the "right to collective self-defense" will result in bringing history back to the war era and paving the way for the "Self-Defense Forces" landing on the Korean peninsula, it charged, and went on:

The conclusion of a military agreement with Japan amounts to giving a pretext for the promotion of Japan's "right to collective self-defense" and rearmament.

It called upon the peace-loving people to turn out in the one-million citizens' action.

It declared it would take the lead in the action to prevent Japan from distorting history, rearming itself and reinvading other countries. Then members of the organization started a signature campaign.

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