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Religious Organizations of S. Korea Publish Declaration on Situation
Pyongyang, June 25 (KCNA) -- The south Korean Association of Buddhist Priests for Realizing Buddhism, the Round Buddhist Association for Teaching Social Changes, the Pastors' Council for Realizing Justice and Peace of south Korea and the south Korean Catholic Priests' Council for Justice, organizations of four religious orders of south Korea, held a press conference in Seoul on June 23 at which they made public a declaration on the situation denouncing the unpopular rule of the authorities.

The declaration said that people in south Korea live in the era when pursuance of peace and happiness is regarded as a crime.

The "government" which caused the disaster of the ferry Sewol sinking is still blaming others.

What is more deplorable is the chief executive's arbitrary and self-righteous practices and incapability.

The repressive politics of the "government" endangers peace and security of the people.

The declaration urged Park Geun Hye to stop her self-righteous state administration characterized by lack of understanding and arbitrary practices.

It also demanded she give answer to the question why the "government" failed to rescue children during the ferry Sewol sinking and stop de-nationalization.

It also called for severely rebuking Kim Ki Chun, chief of staff of Chongwadae, as he is responsible for the failed personnel affairs and withdrawing the unreasonable designation of candidates.

Noting that all the people crave for justice in tears, the declaration said they would turn out in actions in protest against the south Korean society where injustice prevails after Park came to power.

It declared they will not yield to any violence of the "government" threatening democracy, the existence of the people, justice and peace.

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