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U.S. Much Fuss about "Missile Threats" from DPRK Assailed
Pyongyang, June 24 (KCNA) -- Syring, director of the Missile Defense Agency of the U.S. Defense Department at a recent hearing of the defense panel committee of the Appropriations Committee of the House of Representatives said it was a matter of concern that north Korea repeats provocations every year, showing off the long-range missile force. The report on 2015 defense budget which was published on the same day called for building U.S.-Japan missile defense system for accurately tracking and intercepting the DPRK's ballistic missiles.

The core of the MD which the U.S. is set to build in Japan calls for additionally deploying X-band radar in Kyogamisaki so as to operate two early warning radar systems along with the same type of radar that was already deployed in Shariki base in Aomori Prefecture in 2006.

Minju Joson Tuesday says in a commentary that the U.S. call for building a powerful MD in Japan to cope with "missile threats" from the DPRK is nothing but sophism to cover up its sinister intention.

The U.S. is throwing a dense network of MD in Japan to contain big powers around the Korean peninsula militarily and strategically rather than coping with missile threat from the DPRK, the commentary notes, and goes on:

It is the calculation of the U.S. that it can guarantee its long-term interests only when it puts under its control the Asia-Pacific region which has a huge market and rich raw materials and which is high in economic growth.

It is for this reason that the U.S. is hurling means for containing big powers around the peninsula into the region, considering it indispensable to restrict and contain them militarily and strategically.

It is the very reason why the U.S. is so loud-mouthed about "missile threats from north Korea" whenever an opportunity presents itself.

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