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KCNA Commentary Ridicules Special-Class Traitor's Political Chicanery
Pyongyang, June 23 (KCNA) -- Mun Chang Guk, special-class traitor in south Korea, is coming under ever-growing criticism for his despicable true colors.

He let loose sophism before media persons on June 19 that he "respects martyr An Jung Gun and Mr. An Chang Ho and he feels painful when hearing accusations of him as a pro-Japanese element". He even showed his articles written in the past in an attempt to find an excuse for criticism.

His behavior cannot but stun all the people.

He is a pro-Japanese lackey without an equal in the world as he let loose every day a whole string of such outbursts as claiming that the Japanese imperialists' colonial rule and national division were according to the "providence of the God" and "there is no need to get apology for the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army" and the like.

All the articles written by him were so traitorous in their contents that everybody cannot but suspect him as a spokesman for Japan.

No wonder, even the floor leader of the Democratic Alliance for New Politics said he could hardly discern whether Mun is a "candidate for the prime minister of south Korea or an official of the government-general in Korea during the rule of the Japanese imperialists." Even heavyweights of the "Saenuri Party" questioned "whether he is a south Korean."

In the wake of the designation of him as a candidate for the puppet prime minister, Mun cried out for taking a strong legal measure against the media organization which edited and reported a video censuring him, refusing to make any apology.

Then why is he now getting so busy excusing himself all of a sudden? This is nothing but a cynical ploy to calm down the evermore angry public and get the premiership at any cost.

He jabbered "what he lectured might sound a little different from ordinary people's sentiments as his lecture was given for believers at such particular place as church" and "it was regretful that there was a reason for misunderstanding." What he uttered was disgusting, indeed.

All the more ridiculous was his sophism that "he was sorry for causing the people to feel uncomfortable against his will" and "he could hardly understand that his remarks were censured as traitorous ones".

Commenting on such disgraceful behavior of Mun, the south Korean newspaper Hangyore said: "Had he lectured at a common place, not a church, would he have made a U turn by describing the Korean nation as a hardworking one strong in the sense of independence? Explicitly speaking, what he uttered was so clear that it left no reason for any misunderstanding."

Mun Chang Guk is a wicked traitor who had already completely betrayed the soul and spirit of Korea and pro-Japanese lackey putting Ri Wan Yong, one of the five traitors of 1905, into the shade.

Mun's desperate bid to disguise himself as a member of the nation after throwing away his mask as a pro-Japanese element is another insult to the Korean nation and an unpardonable crime.

By origin, Mun is a stupid trickster and like a seasonal bird as he has neither political career nor political philosophy.

He is no more than a servant of those in power and hack writer who has an inveterate habit of kowtowing to the conservative forces to make his ends meet, to say nothing of the qualifications as a media man.

At a forum entitled "For regime change" during the "presidential election" in 2007 he called on the "Grand National Party" (GNP) to focus efforts on the seizure of power rather than on the selection of candidate, grumbling that the GNP is keen on this selection though "President" Roh Moo Hyun interferes in the election. When Lee Myung Bak was set to come to power, Mun pointed an accusing finger at Park Geun Hye who was the former representative of the GNP before any others.

But when Park was elected "president" in 2011, Mun made a U turn in his behavior and lavished his praises on the "yusin princess," trumpeting that the God appeared in the history like a defending angel in a fairy tale to protect south Korea.

In order to please Park, Mun held the post of director of the Memorial Council for Park Chung-Hee when Kim Ki Chun, presidential chief of staff of Chongwadae, who is called de facto vice-president, was acting the first managing director of the council.

He is a political imbecile and bete noire having neither elementary reason nor faith as he has no principle in his behavior.

It is hard to predict what a deplorable political position the tight-cornered Park Geun Hye group will find itself when Mun is given the post of the puppet prime minister.

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