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S. Korean Puppet Regime Accused of Designating Pro-Japanese Lackey as Prime Minister
Pyongyang, June 20 (KCNA) -- South Korean organizations including the Solidarity for Implementing Justice of History held a press conference in Seoul on June 12 in protest against the designation of a pro-Japanese lackey as puppet prime minister, according to the south Korean internet newspaper Chamsesang.

At the press conference speakers said that reckless remarks of Mun Chang Guk who was designated as "prime minister" were based on his neo-conservative outlook on history beautifying the pro-Japanese elements and dictatorship.

The designation of Mun as a candidate for "prime minister" is neither a simple mistake in personnel affairs nor the issue which can be settled through the withdrawal of the designation, they said.

They urged Park Geun Hye to apologize to the people for spawning such controversy.

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