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Stamp Exhibition Held to Mark 50th Anniversary of Kim Jong Il's Start of Work at C.C., WPK
Pyongyang, June 19 (KCNA) -- A stamp exhibition is now underway at the Korean Stamps Museum here to mark the 50th anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il's start of work at the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (June 19, 1964). At the exhibition nearly 170 kinds of stamps are on display divided into 4 sections in chronological order.

The stamps show the undying feats Kim Jong Il performed in developing the Workers' Party Korea (WPK) into a Juche-type revolutionary party, the powerful guiding force of the Songun revolution.

Seen in the first section are stamps on the theme of the Samjiyon Grand Monument, Monument to the Victorious Battle of Pochonbo, Monument to the Victorious Battle in Musan Area and five revolutionary operas created under the guidance of Kim Jong Il and the achievements made by the servicepersons.

On display in the second section are stamps portraying Kim Jong Il proclaiming the programme of modeling the whole society on Kimilsungism and other stamps depicting monumental edifices like the West Sea Barrage and showing the economic might of the country.

More than 30 kinds of stamps are on display in the third section, which praise the immortal feats Kim Jong Il performed in holding President Kim Il Sung as the eternal sun of Juche and strengthening the WPK and the revolutionary armed forces of the country.

Among them are those showing the invincible might of the Korean People's Army, the DPRK's successful launch of satellites and economic successes local people have achieved in building an economic power.

The stamps of the fourth section deals with the revolutionary activities of Kim Jong Il who made all his efforts to reunifying the country and achieving the cause of global independence. They include a stamp issued on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the publication of the July 4 North-South Joint Statement and others introducing Ryo Un Hyong and Hong Myong Hui who made contributions to the cause of national reunification.

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