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KCNA Commentary Blasts Outpourings of Diehard Confrontation Element
Pyongyang, June 19 (KCNA) -- Mun Chang Guk, candidate for the puppet prime minister, in his lectures at a church and in broadcasting programs in 2011 and 2012 talked nonsense that the "north's social system would collapse" and the "dialogue and negotiations between the south and the north were unnecessary".

In this regard, the south Korean newspaper Hangyore labeled Mun Chang Guk the "worst guy asserting the theory of the north's collapse as he jabbered the north would collapse in line with the providence of God at a time when nobody can predict".

What he uttered is nothing but a hysteric fit and sheer sophism of a psychopath hell-bent on the confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north.

His reckless remarks remind one of a puppy knowing no fear of a tiger. They are touching off towering resentment among the Korean people as they gravely infringed upon the dignity of the DPRK.

He frantically incited extremely bad blood towards the compatriots in the north in a bid to push the north-south relations to a catastrophe, acting a spokesman for the reptile media in the past.

All what he uttered, bereft of elementary reason and discretion, reminded one of hysteria of the mentally deranged guy which sparked off strong public curse and condemnation at home and abroad.

He is no more than a political charlatan as he described the economic cooperation between the north and the south as the "drain on resources" to curry favor with the puppet conservative authorities and let loose a whole string of jargons slandering the former "presidents" of south Korea who made contributions to ushering in the June 15 era and developing it.

Having so poor qualifications as a media man and being so base and mean in his personality, Mun was removed from the list of candidates for the managing director of the Media Promotion Group under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

He is, indeed, a despicable servant of those in power and human scum who makes ends meet by kowtowing to the conservative forces and inciting the confrontation with the compatriots in the north after completely giving up the mission and duty as a media man.

The nonsensical talk made by this imbecile about the "north's collapse" by misusing the name of God is nothing but a hysteric fit of the anti-DPRK confrontation maniac. This is, therefore, no more than daydream.

The DPRK is a full-fledged sovereign state universally recognized by the world and Korean style socialism is the most advantageous one centred on the popular masses which regards them as the most precious beings and subordinates everything to their interests.

Its advantages, solidity and invincibility have been fully demonstrated for the past several decades. The DPRK is winning victories for a brighter future.

Unbreakable is the DPRK's single-minded unity more powerful than nuclear weapons as it is a manifestation of the faith of all service personnel and people to defend socialism at any cost.

The above-said rubbish talked by Mun only brings to light his true colors as the worst confrontation maniac and a bete noire obsessed with a daydream.

The puppet chief executive's designation of Mun as the "prime minister" as part of "the government shake-up" for the people is another insult and unpardonable mockery of the fellow countrymen.

The Korean people will never tolerate those who try to hurt the inviolable and dignified social system even a bit.

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