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Withdrawal of Designation of Candidate for "PM" Demanded by S. Koreans
Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- People of various circles are becoming increasingly critical of a conservative element whom the Park Geun Hye group designated as a candidate for the puppet prime minister.

Jong Yon Thae, professor at Catholic University, Ju Jin O, professor at Sangmyung University, Jo Sung Rae, professor at Chongju University, Ri Man Ryol, honorary professor at Sookmyung Women's University, and others demanded Mun Chang Guk who was designated as a candidate for the "prime minister" make an apology to the nation and give up candidacy, saying his outlook on history is absolutely intolerable.

Hanguk Ilbo in an editorial on June 12 noted that not only the opposition parties but the ruling party demands the withdrawal of the designation and his voluntary resignation, an indication of the gravity of the issue.

An editorial posted on Voice of People, an internet paper, on June 13 said that if Mun refuses to give up his candidacy of his own accord, Park Geun Hye has no option but to withdraw her designation and this is the only way of escaping catastrophe.

The Justice and Peace Commission of the Council of Christian Churches in a statement on June 12 charged that more ridiculous than Mun's remarks is the Park regime which designated the guy who is not qualified.

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