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17th National Taekwon-Do Championship for Jongilbong Prize Held in DPRK
Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- The 17th National Taekwon-Do Championship for Jongilbong Prize took place in the DPRK from June 9 to June 18.

It was held divided into Taekwon-Do and paduk (go) events.

In this regard, Paek Chol, secretary of the Korean Taekwon-Do Committee, and Ri Pong Il, deputy secretary of the Korean Paduk Association, gave following answers to questions put by KCNA:

Q: What is different between the current championship and the previous ones?

A (Paek): First of all, some rules were modified for blitz fighting. For example, the court's size was cut down to seven meters in the length and width, thus making players fully display their ability. And the referee can give a warning to passive players.

Q: How many classifications and events did it have?

A: It was held divided into two classifications, youth (15-16 years old) and children (13-14 years old). The events included pattern competition, sparring match, self-defence art and exhibition for special skills. Each event had team and individual competitions. The sparring was held divided into team sparring and individual one of seven categories.

Q; Can you tell me about the successes of the championship?

A: The championship has witnessed that players from Pyongyang City and Kangwon, South Hwanghae and Jagang provinces proved successful. Especially, players of Kangwon Province demonstrated high skills in pattern competition.

Q: Will you tell me about the go competition?

A (Ri): The go competition started from Juche 94 (2005), as part of the national Taekwon-Do championship for Jongilbong Prize. The present competition drew preschoolers and children from primary schools and junior secondary schools.

Q: What's the result?

A: Ju Ye Rim at eight from Ryuldong Primary School in Wonsan City, Kangwon Province, took the first place in the individual competition of the third classification and Ri Se Ryon at five from Ryanggang Province, the youngest one belonging to the fourth classification, fully showed her talent to be admired by spectators.

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