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Ferry Sewol Disaster Is Highly Likely to Be Farce Staged by Regime: S. Korean Internet Paper
Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- An article terming the ferry Sewol sinking accident a crafty farce of the regime which led to a hideous massacre was posted on the south Korean internet paper Jaju Minbo on June 15.

There is an assertion that the ferry Sewol disaster was highly likely to be a farce staged by the regime to tide over the crisis caused by its election-rigging, the article noted, adding many people agree with this view.

It went on:

The Park Geun Hye regime worked out a plan for staging the farce for rescuing all the passengers aboard the ferry but it unexpectedly sank too easily to do so, claiming huge casualties.

The accident occurred at a time when it was fully disclosed that all power organs were mobilized for the election rigging during the last "presidential" election.

As the Park regime emerged as a result of this rigging, it was highly probable that it could easily orchestrate such an accident.

All information published by the regime was not true in actuality but it is clear that all the circumstances turn out to be true, if the assertion is viewed according to the contention that the accident was a farce staged by the regime itself from its very beginning.

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