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Puppet Authorities' Actions to Appoint Sycophantic and Conservative Forces to Important Posts Slammed
Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- Seven history study organizations including the History Study Society, Ancient History Study Society, Modern History Study Society and the Society for the Study of the National Movement on June 16 issued a joint statement in protest against the puppet authorities for attempting to appoint sycophantic and conservative forces to important government posts.

The statement said the sycophantic remarks made by Mun Chang Guk, who was designated as a candidate for the "prime minister", gave a very great shock to the public.

It noted his assertion that the August 15 liberation was presented by "God" was an act of distorting the history of the liberation struggle.

In the light of his other outpourings, his outlook on history is more narrow-minded and dangerous than the neo-conservative elements' outlook on history, it added.

The statement accused Kim Myong Su, who was informally designated as minister of Education, of supporting the misrepresented textbooks justifying pro-Japanese acts and dictatorship.

It urged the authorities to withdraw at once the action to appoint those going against the people's will.

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