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Chongryon Officials Vow to Open New Phase of Independent Reunification, Peace and Prosperity
Tokyo, June 14 (KNS-KCNA) -- Chairpersons of the headquarters of Chongryon (General Association of Korean Residents in Japan) issued statements on the occasion of the 14th anniversary of the publication of the June 15 joint declaration.

Hwang Myong, chairman of the Tokyo Metropolitan Headquarters of Chongryon, said that the joint declaration is the basis of national reconciliation and unity, starting point of the settlement of the north-south relations and reunification programme common to the nation the validity and vitality of which have been clearly proved in practice.

He called upon all officials and Koreans in Japan under the headquarters to turn out as one in the nationwide struggle to open a new phase of independent reunification, peace and prosperity, holding high the unfurled banner of By Our Nation Itself, under the leadership of the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, the lodestar of national reunification.

Pak Jong Song, chairman of the Hokkaido Prefectural Headquarters of Chongryon, appealed to all Koreans at home and abroad to get united on the road for national prosperity and valiantly join the sacred struggle for national reunification.

Pu Yong Uk, chairperson of the Osaka Prefectural Headquarters of Chongryon, expressed the will to always take the lead in the struggle to accelerate the independent and peaceful reunification of the country in hearty response to the plan of Kim Jong Un for national reunification.

Kim Chun Gwon, chairman of the Hyogo Prefectural Headquarters of Chongryon, said: We will turn out as one in the struggle to shatter the moves of the Park Geun Hye group for north-targeted war exercises and confrontation with fellow countrymen in the north and usher in a new phase of national prosperity, peace and reunification.

Jo Il Yon, chairman of the Saitama Prefectural Headquarters of Chongryon, noted: We will more dynamically wage the struggle to implement the north-south joint declaration and thus resolutely smash the moves of the Park group for confrontation with fellow countrymen in the north and dynamically conduct the movement for national reunification.

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