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S. Korean Regime Filled with Human Scum
Pyongyang, June 15 (KCNA) -- Sycophantic and treacherous nature of those who were nominated as prime minister and defense minister of south Korea are being disclosed one after another, sparking off a great furor.

KBS on June 11 laid bare the traitorous colors of a candidate for prime minister. It said in a special lecture in 2011 he let loose sophism that the military occupation of Korea by the Japanese imperialists and the June 25 war were the "will of the God".

He also justified the division of the north and the south, claiming that if the Korean peninsula had achieved full independence, it could have been communized. He unhesitatingly made reckless remarks of belittling the national identity and insulting the uprising of Jeju islanders as a riot.

Han Min Gu who was nominated as minister of Defense is a descendant of a pro-Japanese traitor, according to a scholar of south Korea.

Han's grandfather Han Pong Su was a turncoat who capitulated to the Japanese imperialists and laid information against a chief of volunteers' army. He actively assisted the police to finding out and arresting the chief.

But Park Chung-hee military dictator put forward him as a man who fought for independence, saying that he took part in March 1 movement, thus covering up his pro-Japanese acts.

The "yusin" descendent is now thinking of consolidating the foundation of her fascist dictatorial rule by investing the descendent of the traitor with authority.

Those nominated by Park Geun Hye are all human scum keen on acts of sycophancy and treachery and frantic confrontation with fellow countrymen in the north.

It is as clear as a pikestaff how will the political situation of south Korea develop once they take office.

The Park group would be well advised to bear in mind that its despicable acts will precipitate its ruin.

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