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Rodong Sinmun Praises Feats for Achieving Country's Reunification
Pyongyang, June 13 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Friday carries an article to mark the 14th anniversary of the publication of the June 15 joint declaration.

The idea of By Our Nation Itself set forth by leader Kim Jong Il is the most original and patriotic national idea which encourages all the Koreans at home and abroad to the struggle for independently carving out the nation's destiny, the article says, adding:

President Kim Il Sung, peerless great man and outstanding thinker and theoretician, put forward the genuine patriotic idea which indicates the road of independently carving out the destiny of the nation.

The President founded the immortal Juche idea and put forward the idea that the nation is a social group of people who regard the independence as their life and soul and that the destiny of the nation should be carved out by its driving force for the first time in history.

He gave a scientific clarification that independence is what keeps the nation alive and established the idea of national independence reflecting the desire and interests of the nation to live and develop independently.

His idea of national independence was successfully carried forward and embodied by Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Il indicated the idea that the issue of the nation's destiny is, in essence, the issue on its independence and that the nation's destiny depends on how independence is protected and realized. And he firmly maintained this idea in the whole historical course of struggling for revolution, construction and the country's reunification.

He set forth the idea of By Our Nation Itself as the mental pillar for the country's reunification and national prosperity with the north-south summit that was provided for the first time in the history of national division as an occasion.

The article says that the morning of reunification will dawn on this land as Marshal Kim Jong Un who is wisely leading the cause of the country's reunification true to the noble patriotic intention of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il is held in high esteem as the sun of the nation.

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