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Park Geun Hye Regime Denounced by Koreans in U.S.
Pyongyang, June 12 (KCNA) -- Korean women in the U.S. staged an action before the building of the south Korean puppet consulate general in Los Angeles on June 6 demanding the probe into the truth about the ferry Sewol disaster and punishment of those responsible, according to Minjok Thongsin, the internet newspaper of Koreans in the U.S.

They honored the memory of the victims of the ferry disaster.

Then they marched along the street, shouting the slogans "Accept the demand of the bereaved families and make an investigation into the state policy!" "Let's find out the cause to the last!" and "Incompetent and irresponsible Park Geun Hye regime, resign!"

The MC of the meeting said the Korean women in the U.S. took the lead in waging a dynamic struggle for a probe into the truth behind the ferry Sewol disaster.

They will wage solidarity action in the future, too, until the truth behind the disaster is probed and the families of the victims are relieved of their pain, she declared.

Koreans in the U.S. made speeches.

The tragic sinking of the ferry Sewol caused by the incompetent "government" buried at the sea hundreds of passengers aboard, speakers said, expressing their anger.

They said Park is to blame for the hideous disaster as she took office through election that was rigged.

The ferry sinking was not a mere accident but a man-made disaster which was brought about by irregularities and corruption endemic in south Korean society, they held.

They urged Park to hold responsibility for the disaster and resign from office.

They will struggle until Park resigns, they stressed.

After the meeting, the participants watched a video.

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