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S. Korean Organizations Denounce Police for Suppressing People's Anti-"government" Actions
Pyongyang, June 12 (KCNA) -- The Confederation of Trade Unions, the Government Employees Union and the Joint Action to Regain the Status of the Human Rights Committee of south Korea held a press conference on June 9 denouncing the police for suppressing the anti-"government" struggle of people from all walks of life, according to the south Korean Nodong and Segye.

At the press conference, speakers accused the "government" of labeling the families of victims calling for positive rescue operation "forces following the north" though it caused the ferry Sewol disaster which claimed hundreds of casualties.

It also mercilessly suppressed the people protesting against it and took them to police stations, they charged.

We made a group written petition to the human rights committee, unable to tolerate the police's action of tramping down the human rights by violence, they held.

The participants opened to the public information on the police atrocities to be submitted to the human rights committee.

On May 8, the police took away more than 110 persons, threatening the citizens who were making an all-people march as regards the ferry Sewol disaster "to walk away to the last man." Not content with this, the police took away even those who went to meet the detainees.

The police encircled those who were staging a silent demonstration on May 18 and beat them with shields before walking them away, claiming that the silent demonstration was obstructing the traffic of ordinary citizens.

The police pounced upon a citizen who blocked its van and kicked and trampled down him with boots before taking him to a police station. They assaulted even a reporter who tried to photograph the scene.

On May 19, the police arrested the young people who were staging a surprise demonstration on charges of "intrusion into a building and disturbance of performance of duties".

On May 22, the police walked away all students who entered the "government" building and launched a surprise demonstration demanding the resignation of Kim Ki Chun and Nam Jae Jun responsible for the ferry Sewol disaster.

On May 24, they took to a police station those who were staging a march at the end of a memorial service for the victims of the ferry disaster.

The organizations submitted to the human rights committee the written petition containing the above-said information, points in question, a report on the police's violence dealing with the violations of articles of the law and demands.

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