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S. Korean Paper Calls for Resignation of Park Geun Hye
Pyongyang, June 11 (KCNA) -- The south Korean internet paper Minjok Ilbo in an editorial on June 7 said the June 4 elections to local self-governing bodies were a tribunal to mete out a stern judgment to the Park Geun Hye group.

The people enraged at the incompetence and irresponsibility for the ferry Sewol disaster and the deceptive act of making an apology and suppressing candlelight actions sternly judged the present regime in the elections, the editorial said.

Park has been pressurized to step down since she came to power due to the "government" bodies' illegal interference in the election and is now in the grip of the overall crisis in the political, military, economic, diplomatic and all other fields, it noted, adding:

Nevertheless, she, far from apologizing and probing the truth about the ferry sinking accident, resorted only to deceptive moves. So, she sustained a heavy defeat in face of the public resentment.

Park no more than a "vegetable president" should step down of her own accord, as demanded by the electors.

History shows what miserable end the successive dictators met while trying to stay in power by dint of dictatorship and suppression, going against the people's mindset.

Park should draw a bitter lesson from her father who met his end, forsaken by the people.

What remains to be done by Park is to make a decision to step down.

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