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June 15 North-South Joint Declaration Is Landmark for Independent Reunification
Pyongyang, June 11 (KCNA) -- The Korean nation is greeting the 14th anniversary of the publication of the historic June 15 North-South Joint Declaration.

The joint declaration has given strong impetus to the movement for national reunification in the new century as an immortal landmark for hewing out the destiny of the nation and reunifying the country independently.

After the publication of the joint declaration, there arrived at the land of Korea once swept by the cold wind of division and confrontation a new era of independent reunification and the June 15 era of reunification where all Koreans advanced along the road of reunification, getting reconciled and united.

The idea of By Our Nation Itself, the basic spirit of the joint declaration, instilled the spirit of national independence into fellow countrymen and escalated the reunification movement into a nationwide movement comprising the Koreans in the north and the south and abroad.

The will for national cooperation aimed to reject outsiders and pool the efforts of Koreans under the banner of By Our Nation Itself was strikingly demonstrated in all places where they live.

As worship and flunkeyism towards the U.S. were rejected and consciousness of independence against the U.S. rapidly grew strong, the unreasonable intervention and obstructions of foreign forces met bitter condemnation by the whole nation.

Visits and contacts of organizations and compatriots of all social standings at home and abroad promoted reconciliation and unity and the movement for national reunification turned into a nationwide patriotic movement.

The formation of All-Korean Committee for Implementation of June 15 Joint Declaration, a nationwide solidarity organization for reunification, helped further boost the solidarity and alliance among the north, the south and overseas sides and develop the movement for national reunification onto a new high stage.

The idea of By Our Nation Itself turned the north-south relations which had undergone a repeated vicious cycle of distrust and confrontation for more than half a century into relations of reconciliation, unity and cooperation. Through ministerial talks and other dialogues and contacts the north and the south discussed ways of implementing the joint declaration and developing the inter-Korean relations and put them into practice. The barrier of misunderstanding and distrust between the north and the south was pulled down, severed railways and roads were relinked and air and sea routes were opened, a stirring reality.

Wide-ranging cooperation and exchange for the development and prosperity common to the nation were conducted, bringing great joy to the Koreans.

Another historic Pyongyang summit was provided and the Declaration for Development of North-South Relations and Peace and Prosperity was adopted in October 2007 when the inter-Korean relations and the reunification movement steadily developed along the road of independence, unity and cooperation.

The October 4 declaration, a programme for implementing the June 15 joint declaration, was adopted, opening a rosy prospect for achieving independent reunification, peace and prosperity under the banner of By Our Nation Itself.

The June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration are the reunification programmes common to the nation and its lifeline which the Koreans should invariably hold fast to in the movement for national reunification.

As proved by the past days, if the joint declarations are preserved and implemented, the way for the nation to live will open and reunification, peace and prosperity be achieved but if the declarations are abandoned, Koreans will suffer misfortune and war disasters.

All Koreans at home and abroad should turn out in the drive to meet challenges of the anti-reunification forces, shatter their obstructive moves and implement the June 15 North-South Joint declaration.

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