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South Koreans Hold Candlelight Rally for Probe into Ferry Sewol Disaster
Pyongyang, June 11 (KCNA) -- A candlelight rally took place at Chonggye Plaza in Seoul on June 7 under the sponsorship of the All-People Measure Council of Ferry Sewol Disaster comprising more than 800 civic and public organizations.

The speakers recalled that the Measure Committee of the Families of Victims, Missing Persons and Survivors of the Ferry Sewol Sinking Accident and the All-People Measure Council had collected one million signatures across south Korea in demand of the institution of a special law for the probe into the ferry Sewol disaster.

They declared that they would carry on their actions till ten million signatures are collected.

They asserted that the unceasing great disasters are attributable to the "government's" policy of disregarding the lives of the people in pursuance of profits. They added that it is hard to expect the security of the people unless this policy is rolled back.

They continued: "We are still aboard the ferry Sewol. The 'government' is unbelievable. The people should come out to probe the truth by their own efforts."

The rally was followed by a demonstration.

Prior to the rally there was a ceremony of honoring the memory of the martyrs for democracy at the plaza of Seoul Railway Station.

The speakers accused the police of perpetrating such unethical act as defaming the dead body of the martyr who committed suicide in protest against the suppression of the trade unions and the plutocrats' harsh exploitation.

They declared that they would fight against the undemocratic, unpopular and anti-reunification forces to put an end to the reality in which the lives and safety of the workers are disregarded in pursuance of the interests of the businesses.

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