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State Merited Chorus Gives Its Premiere in Jagang Province
Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) -- The State Merited Chorus started its performance tour of Jagang Province in Kanggye on Monday.

The performance began with male chorus "Song of the Korean People's Army". Put on the stage were colorful numbers such as orchestra and serial songs "Song in Praise of the Sun" and male solo and chorus "We Started from Scratch" and "Blessed My Life".

The performers sang high praises of the undying revolutionary exploits President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il performed by laying a firm foundation for the self-supporting national economy with their outstanding ideas and energetic leadership and thus consolidating the eternal bedrock for reliably protecting the dignity and sovereignty of Kim Il Sung's nation.

Also staged were male chorus "Nobody Matches the Marshal", male solo and chorus "Voice from My Heart" and male chorus "Peace Is Guaranteed by Our Arms." They represented the pride and self-esteem of the creators of the Kanggye spirit, pace-setters in the drive for breaking through the cutting edge and pioneers of the industrial revolution in the new century.

The performance was highly acclaimed by the audience.

Among the audience were Kim Chun Sop, chief secretary of the Jagang Provincial Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, and other senior officials of the province and workers.

The performance goes on.

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