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S. Korea's Bid to Tighten Military Nexus with Outside Forces Denounced
Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) -- A few days ago, talks among military authorities of the U.S., Japan and south Korea took place in Singapore at which south Korea reaffirmed the importance of sharing information about "nuclear and missile threats from north Korea" with the U.S. and Japan and decided to continuously examine the issue. The talks also covered the issues of establishing a council for practical discussion on the systematization of information sharing and boosting the tripartite security cooperation.

This clearly proves that the moves for tripartite military nexus have entered a very dangerous phase, Rodong Sinmun Monday says in a commentary.

It goes on:

The south Korean puppet authorities are increasing military cooperation with the U.S. against the DPRK while talking about "threat". This is pushing the already tense inter-Korean relations into a greater catastrophe and seriously disturbing peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and in the rest of Northeast Asia.

The provocative acts prove that the Park Geun Hye group is rushing headlong into escalating confrontation with the DPRK and igniting a war against it, not opting for de-escalating tension for peace between the north and the south.

It is not possible to mend the north-south relations or avoid a war as long as the Park group obsessed with dependence on outside forces and confrontation with the fellow countrymen is allowed to run amuck.

The south Korean puppet authorities will face a final destruction if they continuously run amuck to provoke a war against the north in collusion with outside forces despite the bitter denunciation at home and abroad.

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