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Kim Jong Il's Exploits Performed in Party Building Praised in Benin
Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) -- A national seminar took place in Cotonou, Benin on May 28 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il's start of work at the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK).

Hessou Kohovi, chairman of the Benin National Committee for the Study of the Juche Idea, made a report titled "Immortal exploits performed by leader Kim Jong Il in building the WPK" at the seminar.

He stressed that Kim Jong Il regarded it as the most important task to develop the WPK into the party of President Kim Il Sung, its founder, in the true sense of the word and successfully carried it out in the whole course of leading the party.

He said that Kim Jong Il set forth the Juche idea, the revolutionary idea of the President, as the only guiding idea of the WPK and proclaimed the modeling of the whole society on Kimilsungism as the supreme programme of the party.

Pascal Zouncheme, chief of the Benin Group for the Study of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism who doubles as rector of Cotonou Institute of Journalism of Benin, noted that under the leadership of Kim Jong Il the WPK could consolidate the single-minded unity of the leader, the party and masses as firm as a rock and demonstrate its might as an invincible party victoriously leading the cause of socialism amid the absolute support and trust from the broad masses.

Bonaventure Boy, professor of Abomey-Calavi University in Benin, stressed that Kim Jong Il developed the WPK into a powerful political force successfully guiding the cause of the Songun revolution.

A message of greeting to supreme leader Kim Jong Un was adopted at the seminar.

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