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Election Results Are Warning of S. Korean People: S. Korean Media
Pyongyang, June 8 (KCNA) -- The south Korean newspaper Munhwa Ilbo in an editorial on June 5 said the results of the June 4 elections to the local self-governing bodies were a serious warning of the south Korean people to Park Geun Hye.

The present "government's" incompetent approach to the ferry Sewol disaster had a big impact on the people and Park Geun Hye should keenly accept the mindset of the people, the editorial said, and went on:

The judgment given to Park by the people is a yellow card and this shows that they can raise a red card for her resignation next time.

Yet, Chongwadae thinks it was relieved of burden of mid-term estimate, a misjudgment of the public mindset.

Even figures of the ruling camp continuously urge Park Geun Hye to change her self-righteousness way of state policy administration.

The newspaper Hangyore also carried a similar editorial on the same day.

It said the Democratic Alliance for New Politics won a landslide victory in the election for the Mayor of Seoul, a revelation of the mindset of the people, and the opposition party dominated the Chungchong provincial area.

Candidates from the "Saenuri Party" had tight matches even in the areas which they claimed to be traditional base of the ruling camp and this proved that the ruling camp was forsaken by the people, the editorial said, adding:

The elections to the local self-governing bodies are the first step of the people's judgment. The ruling and opposite parties should keep in mind the truth they will be forced to withdraw unless they breathe as one with the people.

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