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Korean in U.S. Accuses Park Geun Hye Group of Resorting to Cooperation with Foreign Forces
Pyongyang, June 6 (KCNA) -- Ri Jun Mu, member of the Federation of Koreans in the U.S., on June 2 issued an article accusing the Park Geun Hye group of resorting to only the anachronistic cooperation with foreign forces.

Anyone with the ability to discern the world situation to a certain degree can easily see that the U.S. hegemonic position is sinking in the international arena, the article said, adding similar analysis is made even in the U.S.

But Park Geun Hye of south Korea is talking about "nuclear dismantlement of the north", unaware of the world situation, only to be censured by the people, it said, and went on:

She remains extremely obstinate as she has not lifted the "May 24 step" in the south-north relations.

The south Korean people are strongly opposed to the mode of politics whereby the south reads the face of the U.S. and allows its interference in all fields of politics, economy, military affairs and culture.

Till when will the present "government" persist in only cooperation with foreign forces and resort to the humiliating military operation, ruining the future of the nation?

It is truth that if the south and the north pools efforts, they will become a bigger one.

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