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Family of Ceramists in DPRK
Pyongyang, June 2 (KCNA) -- Ceramics "Vase with reticulated pattern of carp" and "Grape-patterned gourd-shaped teapot" exhibited by the DPRK at the 2014 Shanghai International Ceramic Art Expo were respectively awarded the best prize for creation and a bronze prize.

Those craftworks were created by U Pok Dan and U Chol Ryong (Merited Artiste), a daughter and a son of U Chi Son (Kim Il Sung Prize Winner and People's Artiste) who was a great master of Koryo celadon.

His works have been considered to be of great rarity in China, Japan and other countries for their rich and beautiful colors, refined shape, peculiar decoration, delicacy and high artistic value.

Typical of them are "Celadon pot with a pattern of chrysanthemum"(1964), "Vase incised with a pattern of sunflower" (1978), "Vase patterned with Pyongyang scenery" (1980) and "Gourd-shaped teapot with a pattern of cloud and crane" (1988).

U Chol Ryong has been working at the Porcelain Creative Group of the Mansudae Art Studio since Juche 77 (1988) after graduating from Pyongyang University of Fine Arts.

His craftworks have also been proved successful on several occasions, including the 1989 exhibition of modern Koryo celadon and painting masterpieces held in Japan and the north-south art exhibition in 1998.

In particular, his craftwork "Celadon vase with reticulated pattern of crane in cloud" won the first prize at the 2007 international ceramics expo held in China.

More than 20 pieces of his craftworks were listed as national treasures.

U Pok Dan is also a well-known ceramist who proved successful at several international expositions.

Both of them are now devoting themselves to further developing the Koryo celadon, which is associated with wisdom and talents of the Korean ancestors.

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