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Endless Stream of People Visit Monument to Victorious Battle of Pochonbo
Hyesan, June 2 (KCNA) -- An endless stream of people including service personnel, school youth and children is visiting the Monument to the Victorious Battle of Pochonbo on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the historic victory in the battle.

The monument was erected to mark the victory in the battle led by President Kim Il Sung during the anti-Japanese armed struggle.

The President made a gun report of victory in the homeland, thus horrifying the Japanese imperialist aggressors and instilling hope for national liberation into the people.

The monument was built in Hyesan City, Ryanggang Province in Juche 56 (1967) to mark the 30th anniversary of the victorious battle.

Before the monument is the statue of the President who is in the van of the unit advancing toward the homeland, looking forward, with a pair of binoculars and military cap in his hand. Also on both sides of the monument are groups of sculptures depicting members of the guerrilla mercilessly smashing the enemy, rallied close around him, and the people from all walks of life who turned out in the anti-Japanese war.

Visitors to the monument have steadily increased for the past 47 years, reaching more than 8 645 000. They included those from units of the Korean People's Army, Kim Il Sung University, State Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Railways, Sangwon Cement Complex, Hyesan Youth Mine and Thongil Street Senior Secondary School in Raknang District.

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