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Rodong Sinmun Denounces "Saenuri Party" for Making Desperate Efforts to Tide over Ruling Crisis
Pyongyang, June 2 (KCNA) -- The June 4 elections to local self-governing bodies to be held in south Korea in the wake of the ferry Sewol disaster are not a mere election but an acute life-and-death struggle decisive to the destiny of popular masses, says Rodong Sinmun Monday in an article.

It goes on:

The "Saenuri Party" of south Korea is making desperate efforts to evade the people's stern judgment and tide over the ruling crisis in the local elections.

The group of traitors is persisting in its plots and deceptive moves to quell the angered people's mindset as it knows well that if the elections are held under the political situation caused by the ferry Sewol disaster, it is bound to be defeated. It is disgusting that with the approach of the elections the coteries of the "Saenuri Party" are making such ostentatious commitments as "establishment of the system for coping with disaster", "tailored welfare" for the old and children and "creation of more jobs for women". The puppet chief executive is joining it.

And the puppet ruling forces are unhesitatingly committing the merciless suppression of demonstrators who take the lead in the anti-"government" struggle.

The puppet forces are getting frantic in the moves to fake up the "north wind" with a trite method in a bid to divert the public attention elsewhere and calm down the anti-"government" spirit.

Legitimate activities of political parties and organizations and freedom of media, thoughts and expression and elementally human rights are being mercilessly violated in south Korea owing to the present puppet regime's fascist rule.

If the south Korean people are taken in by the group of traitors again, this will totally obliterate democracy and bring miserable death to the working people.

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