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Implementation of June 15 Joint Declaration Called for in S. Korea
Pyongyang, June 1 (KCNA) -- Kim Ji Yong, chairwoman of the south Korean Democratic Women's Society in Japan, made public an article titled "Implementation of the June 15 joint declaration is the way for all Koreans to live together" on May 27.

The article said nearly 70 years have passed since the division of the nation.

The June 15 joint declaration clearly indicates the way for relieving such pain, the article said, adding that the only way is to solve the issue of reunification in an independent way by the Korean nation itself.

It noted that Koreans should pool their efforts to force Japan to liquidate its past crimes related to sexual slavery committed by the Japanese imperialists, the unethical crimes, and stop the moves to unreasonably discriminate Koreans in Japan, distort history, revive militarism and reinvade the Korean peninsula through the exercise of the "right to collective self-defense."

If the Park Geun Hye regime truly wants reunification, it should not incite confrontation through cooperation with outsiders but lift the "May 24 step" which stands in the way of exchange and cooperation between the south and the north in the spirit of the June 15 joint declaration, it stressed.

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