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Data Book on Doubts about Ferry Sewol Disaster Issued in S. Korea
Pyongyang, May 30 (KCNA) -- A lawmaker belonging to the preparatory committee for instituting a special law as regards the ferry Sewol disaster under the Democratic Alliance for New Politics, an opposition party of south Korea, Tuesday issued a data book titled "110 doubts and truth behind the ferry Sewol disaster", according to the south Korean internet newspaper Jaju Minbo.

More than one month has passed since the disaster but the cause of the accident has not yet been settled properly, increasing doubts day by day.

As disclosed, the ferry Sewol was not properly equipped with security facilities and devices but the number of passengers and cargos exceeded.

People of all strata are demanding a probe into the cause of the accident but the puppet authorities and a relevant enterprise dislike to clarify the cause.

The marine police only sailed around, seeing the passengers aboard shout for help. It also neglected its duty while even obstructing civilian divers from conducing rescue operations.

What is the background against which the marine police in charge of rescue operation took such attitude was partly disclosed recently for the first time through the phone communications between the 119 room under the Agency for Fire and Prevention of Disaster and Mokpo marine police. It has not been disclosed that the system for coping with disaster was not properly operated as regards the accident and the authorities and media were busying themselves with distorting public and facts.

The authorities are disturbing the probe into the truth behind the disaster by not opening to public the contents of communications with the ferry before and after the accident but arresting in haste the captain and crewmen, the cores in probing the cause of the accident, to leave them without contact with outside.

That's why people from all walks of life in south Korea raised doubts about the accident to the puppet authorities and are demanding their settlement through websites, candlelight rallies, demos, press conferences, seminars and other means.

By putting together all this, the lawmaker from the Democratic Alliance for New Politics issued the data book dealing with 110 doubts composed with six chapters including the status of the ferry management and its examination before the disaster, problems revealed in the course of rescue right after the accident, general problems of the authorities' disaster management system and the doubts about the concealment of the truth behind the truth about the accident.

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