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S. Korean Professors Demand Probe into Truth about Ferry Sewol Disaster
Pyongyang, May 30 (KCNA) -- Professors at Dong-A University of south Korea on May 27 released a declaration on the situation in demand of the probe into the truth about the ferry Sewol disaster and taking a thorough measure, according to the south Korean internet paper Voice of People.

The declaration asserted that the ferry Sewol accident was attributable to the heartless competition, neo-liberalistic easing of regulations and the "government's" shift of responsibility.

Though one month has passed since the accident, the "government" has not taken any rescue measure while trying to decrease and conceal the accident by putting media under control, indifferent to its incompetence, it charged.

While talking about the "blame" at the "talk to the people", Park Geun Hye instructed that the Maritime Policy Agency should be dissolved, laying the cause of the accident and the blame at the door of the maritime police and the Ministry of Security and Administration, it held.

The authorities should put forward basic steps, not ones for evading the blame, it said, and went on:

Media not only distorted and faked up the situation of the spot of the disaster but read the face of the regime, not properly conveying voices of the bereaved families demanding the positive rescue measures. Media also was busy with reporting only the announcement of the regime.

This disaster will be recorded as the tragic accident that heralded before the world that media has become a stooge of the power.

The disaster will not be settled in such a way of disorganizing the relevant ministry and agency or renaming departments without any basic measure.

The declaration stressed the need to eliminate those trying to do harm to the life and security of the people for earning money and staying in power, that is, bureaucratic organizations conspired with businesses and to readjust the system for preventing disaster.

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