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KCNA Commentary Accuses Park Group of Its Political Offensive before Elections
Pyongyang, May 30 (KCNA) -- The south Korean puppet group is seeking to use a disgusting farce staged by Park Geun Hye while making public "a talk to the people" for the elections to local self-governing bodies.

It posted on its website on May 20 a video praising Park's "feats" as regards the rescue operation after the ferry Sewol disaster, illustrated with a scene showing her shedding tears. This is intended to publicize Park's "popular nature" and the "government's" measures for handling the accident. It tries to use it as a card for rallying conservative forces.

In fact, the "Saenuri Party" sent an official document to all city and provincial party committees to the effect that "candidates should use a video dealing with the talk of the president posted on website".

On May 22 when the election campaign started, the chairman of the joint election measure committee of the "Saenuri Party" uttered that "it is time to help the president wipe tears away." The chairman of the North Kyongsang Provincial Committee of the "Saenuri Party" called upon "the committee to wipe away the tears from the president".

This is part of a cynical ploy of the conservative forces keen on protecting the "president" to quell the resentment of the people and the atmosphere of their anti-"government" struggle mounting high due to the Sewol disaster and divert elsewhere the attention of the public in a bid to tide over the present crisis and turn the situation before the elections to the local self-governing bodies in their favor by rallying those forces.

The tears dropped by Park did not represent the sorrow of the mothers who lost their dear children and other people. They were no tears of her guilty conscience that the disaster was caused by her and "government's" incompetence and irresponsibility.

The sincere tears had long disappeared from the cold-blooded woman Park.

That's why she visited Jindo Port on April 17, the next day when the disaster occurred, but she did not shed even a drop of tear there though it turned into a mourner's house.

When visiting Phaengmok Port for the second time, she did not show tears while styling herself a "bereaved family member". When visiting a joint incense-burning alter, she shed crocodile tears before a sham "bereaved family" she had taken with herself from Seoul.

She failed to take a step for rescuing those missing, far from opting for probing the truth about the accident though one month had passed since it occurred only to spark off the resentment of the bereaved families and people.

While making public a "talk to the people" on May 19, she dropped unreasonable tears, seemingly grieved over the accident. Lurking behind this was a political purpose sought by her.

She required a farce for seeking a way out of the crisis as she had to calm down the voices of the enraged people "Punish murderers!" and "Park Geun Hye, step down!" and stop tens of thousands of people's candlelight processions toward Chongwadae.

Prompted by a foolish calculation to get rid of the overall crisis caused by dependence on foreign forces and acts of treachery and escape a heavy defeat at the forthcoming local elections, Park hastily orchestrated the "talk to the people" and shed crocodile tears to hype sincerity.

Reflecting such political stand of Park, Chongwadae and coteries of the "Saenuri Party" are keeping pace with the "tear-shedding drama" orchestrated by the "yusin princess" while totally turning down the demand of the people that the "president" should be included in the list of investigation into the state policy related to the Sewol disaster.

The above-said charade is another insult to the bereaved families and people of south Korea and a height of the act of deceiving the people.

No matter what rhetoric Park and her group may let loose, they can never evade the blame for mass killings of people.

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