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Chongwadae Slammed for Distorting Ferry Sewol Tragedy
Pyongyang, May 30 (KCNA) -- Chongwadae posted on its website a video praising the Park Geun Hye's "feats" in bridging over the ferry Sewol tragedy, sparking criticism by the bereaved families of the victims, according to the south Korean internet newspaper Voice of People on May 23.

Posted on the website of Chongwadae on May 20 are actions of Park Geun Hye from her visit to the scene of the accident on April 17, the next day when the ferry sank to her "talk to the people". Also posted there are scenes that Park was shedding crocodile tears at a time when she made public the "talk to the people". But excepted there were part of "her paying consolation" at the joint incense-burning alter and contents that bereaved families lodged a protest before her and demanded an institution of a special law.

In this regard the bereaved families denounced Chongwadae for posting a video praising "feats" of the "president" in a bid to have the "government" successfully bridge over the accident.

Is there a time to make such video though the accident has not been bridged over, bereaved families charged.

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