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Probe into Truth about Massacre at Time of Great Kanto Quake Demanded
Pyongyang, May 30 (KCNA) -- Civic and public organizations of south Korea comprising intellectuals, religionists, media persons and lawyers formed a promotion committee for the enactment of a "special law on probe into the truth about massacre of Koreans during great Kanto quake and reinstatement of victims, according to Thongil News, internet newspaper of south Korea.

A press conference was held at the human rights committee on May 26.

In the press conference speakers said the list of some victims of the great Kanto quake 91 years ago was opened to public during the transfer of the south Korean embassy in Tokyo in November last year.

The massacre of Koreans at that time was not an accidental one entailed by an earthquake but an organized crime unprecedented in the world history which the Japanese military committed in collaboration with the police and civilians, branding Koreans ambitious of national independence as delinquent ones, the speakers said, adding:

The probe into the cruel massacre of Koreans by soldiers, police and ultra-right organizations at the time of the 1923 quake is a work to bring to light before the world the inhuman and barbarous nature of the Japanese imperialists.

We will clarify the fact that Japan has ignored the massacre of Koreans and covered up the relevant records for the past 91 years and prove the shameless nature of the Japanese authorities.

The speakers vowed to try their best until the passage through the Diet of the above-mentioned special law.

They demanded the Japanese government clarify the truth behind the massacre, reveal all data on the massacre and abolish the policy of discrimination against Koreans.

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