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Japanese Organization Calls for Probe into Truth behind Massacres of Koreans during Great Kanto Quake
Pyongyang, May 30 (KCNA) -- A meeting took place at the hall of members of the House of Councillors of Japan in Tokyo on May 21 in demand of the probe into the truth behind the massacres of Koreans during the great Kanto quake.

Present at the meeting were personages of the Society for Questioning about State Responsibility for Massacres of Koreans during the Great Kanto Earthquake.

The meeting heard a report on the background against which the organization was formed and its activities. Then followed speeches.

Secretary-General of the society Masataka Tanaka said that last year, 90 years after the Kanto quake, the society requested the Japanese government to probe the truth behind the massacres of Koreans.

He went on:

The mass killings of Koreans during the great Kanto quake remain a problem because they still remain unsettled.

The Japanese government should properly look into many mass killings committed under the colonial rule of Japan, admit its direct or indirect involvement in them, make an apology to the bereaved families and take necessary measures.

Co-Representative of the society Masao Ishibashi warned against Japan's further lurch to the Right.

What is most important is to properly understand history, he noted, deploring that such abnormal situation is going on under the political landscape of Japan where neither investigation nor apology has been made so far at a time when state and people's responsibility is called for.

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