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CPRK Spokesman Slams S. Korean Puppet Military's Anti-DPRK Provocative Hysteria
Pyongyang, May 29 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea Thursday released a statement denouncing the south Korean puppet military for desperately kicking up the racket of confrontation with the DPRK and provocations against it these days in a bid to tide over the crisis caused by the ferry Sewol disaster.

Due to the anti-DPRK plots and the military provocations of the south Korean puppet military hooligans, the north-south relations have reached an alarming phase and there is the serious danger of armed conflict in the area of the five islands in the West Sea of Korea, a hot spot, the statement noted, adding:

Park Geun Hye is zealously conniving at, patronizing and encouraging the conspiratorial racket and provocations of the military gangsters, asserting for no reason that "she trusts the army's judgment."

As regards the recent "fiction about firing by the north", Park held even an urgent meeting of ministers in charge of security, at which she vociferated about "provocation" and cried out for "tightening the posture for security."

The most risky forces in south Korea at present are those of the puppet military.

As ministers in charge of security were fired one by one after being held accountable for the ferry Sewol disaster, the puppet military group is taking advantage of this happening and going reckless in its bid to demonstrate its clout, increase its say and please Park.

Now that the Park Geun Hye regime is in the grip of the worst ruling crisis due to the ferry Sewol disaster, the military group is kicking off provocative hysteria in an effort to turn the situation favorable to it through a military "shocking therapy".

Kim Kwan Jin is the mastermind behind these ridiculous acts.

If Kim Kwan Jin and other pro-U.S. military gangsters are allowed to go scot-free, they will only bring tragic misfortunes and disasters to south Korea.

The DPRK will never overlook the reckless acts of Kim Kwan Jin and other military gangsters but sternly punish them.

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